Our goal is to provide the best possible medical care and care for your child from birth to adulthood and to accompany his or her individual development.

With the help of the preventive examinations U1-U11, as well as the youth examinations J1&2 we can observe the child’s development well and detect disturbances in language, motor and mental development as well as chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus or heart failure.

The care of premature babies is very important to us and, like the care of children with chronic diseases, is done in close consultation with the respective special departments of the Munich Children’s Hospital.

The implementation of the standard vaccinations according to StIKo (Permanent Vaccine Commission) is considered to be an important contribution to the prevention of serious infectious diseases.


Robert-Koch-Institut – Impfempfehlung
Kinderaerzte im Netz

Kinderheilkunde Baby Untersuchung

Kinderheilkunde Beratung

Other services include Chinese medicine, a homeopathic co-treatment, as well as individual nutritional advice on eating disorders.

We offer allergy testing with detailed history, prick skin testing, and blood tests using RAST for specific antigen sensitization and hyposensitization treatments.

In addition to ultrasound and ECG examinations, our technical services also include hearing and eye tests and in-depth laboratory examinations.



  • Check-ups in children and adolescents
  • Care of premature babies and the chronically ill
  • Psychosomatic basic care
  • Homeopathic co-treatment
  • Individual nutritional advice
  • Vaccinations and travel medical advice
  • Allergy testing and hyposensitization
  • ECG, exercise ECG (ergometry)
  • Hearing screening (OAE and audiometry)
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Vision test
  • Sonography and baby hip screening
  • Routine and special laboratory

The aim of our group practice is the medical care of the whole family - an individual and holistic care based on traditional medicine including naturopathic methods.

Emergency numbers

Rescue coordination center (emergency doctor) - 112
Medical service 24h - 116 117
Poison emergency call - (089) 192 40

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