Dear patients, dear parents,

We would like to welcome you to our joint practice for paediatrics and general medicine in Munich. Here we offer a wide range of check-ups for your child and yourself. In case of acute complaints, we are happy to be your contact.
We take time for the individual care of patients of all ages and are looking specifically for the best treatment options. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice. Your team of the group practice for paediatrics and general medicine,

Dres. Berz & Dr. Dech

In 1965, the pediatric practice in Solln was founded by Dr. med. Elmar Berz. In 1998 Dr. Florian Berz took over the practice and leads it since 1999 together with his wife Dr. med. Annette Berz, Specialist in General Medicine, as an interdisciplinary group practice for children, adolescents and adults. In 2006, the practice team was expanded with pediatrician Dr. med. Alexandra Dech.

We strive for the smoothest possible process with little waiting time. We therefore ask for registration as well as notification if an appointment cannot be made.

We offer home visits to the neonatal screening U2 and by appointment.

The aim of our group practice is the medical care of the whole family - an individual and holistic care based on traditional medicine including naturopathic methods.

Emergency numbers

Rescue coordination center (emergency doctor) - 112
Medical service 24h - 116 117
Poison emergency call - (089) 192 40

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