General medicine


GP Berz Allgemeinmedizin

At the center of our efforts is man with his current mental and physical needs. The aim of our primary care is to provide the most comprehensive and professional treatment possible. We see ourselves as your point of contact for medical questions, in order to achieve optimum individual treatment by including specialist findings. Healthcare examinations serve the early detection or ideally also the avoidance of illness against the background of the individual, social and family connections. The chronically ill can be looked after in the home environment if necessary.

Other services include vaccinations, travel medical advice, palliative care and basic psychosomatic care in client-centered discussions.

GP Berz Allgemeinmedizin



The various cardiovascular system examinations, such as ECG, LT ECG, exercise ECG and LT-RR, help to better identify risks.


Pulmonary function testing is essential for some conditions such as asthma and COPD. It helps with therapy setting and course assessment.


Sonography offers a standard visualization of the internal organs as a painless sound examination without the use of harmful radiation. In this way, we examine the abdomen, thyroid and soft tissue in adults, as well as the hips in infants.



Against the background of your personal risk profile, we create individual laboratory examinations.

General medicine


  • Range of services
  • Check-up, health care
  • Care of the chronically ill, palliative care
  • Psychosomatic basic care
  • Vaccinations and travel medical advice
  • Allergy testing and hyposensitization
  • ECG, exercise ECG (ergometry)
  • Long-term ECG, long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Sonography
  • Routine and special laboratory

The aim of our group practice is the medical care of the whole family - an individual and holistic care based on traditional medicine including naturopathic methods.

Emergency numbers

Rescue coordination center (emergency doctor) - 112
Medical service 24h - 116 117
Poison emergency call - (089) 192 40

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